Mindful Monday: The Invisible Divides Without

When I first came to Rustenburg to work as an Emergency Care Personnel, the only people I knew were the guys I was with and the one who called, to inform us of the job opportunity here.

Now I knew little of this area. The picture I had painted in my mind was that of what I and seen on TV, in the news… it was red sand, very arid area and quite rural. But it was a different setting when we arrived.

This is dominantly a Tswana speaking region and when I got here, I didn’t speak the language or could hardly hear it. But I forged on as I had finally started to practice in what I had studied for and had always dreamed about.

Making friends or treating patients was a bit of a mission at first, being an outsider in more ways than one.

A few of my colleagues tried to make me feel welcomed into their homes and lives. And a few…. well…not so much. The latter made it somewhat difficult to interact with them as it was made blatantly clear that I wasn’t needed nor welcomed here.

Now mind you, I was one of the few with enough practical experiences to even help some of them with their skills.

As if being a black female wasn’t enough. I was a black, Xhosa-speaking female in a Tswana speaking region and making inroads in my line of work.

These (invisible or not so invisible)divides that set us apart do nothing but harm to others and especially ourselves at the end of the day.

Are we inherently designed with these boundaries? Or are they instilled from birth and passed down generation to generation?

The tribalism within us black people. The sexism between male and female. The racial divide between black and white. The economic divide between rich and poor.

I could go on and on…

At some point, we need to start looking and seeing the bigger picture. There isn’t much difference between us if there is any at all. Of course you can see the colour or sex of a person. But what I’m talking about here if far deeper than that. Far deeper than what the eyes can see.

I’m talking about the spiritual connection we have with each other and everything that surrounds us. If you took the time you could gain a close friend from another culture or race and share something amazing. If you took the time to hear out your patients, you could actually get to the root of the problem. If you took the time…

Science has proven time and time again that we all come from the same matter. We all, at the atomic level are of the same matter.

Realizing and recognizing this will not only break down those divides but will in turn, strengthen and improve our existing relationships with others but most importantly, ourselves. Knowing that you’re not alone is one of our basic human needs.

Which divides are you going to let go of today?

Love and Light…

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