Mindful Monday: Pray with intention

This thought came to me as I was about to do my night prayers… “Pray with intention”.

As you know, I do not belong to any religious group, instead I consider myself more of a spiritual person. So these words got me thinking about how we go about our day-to-day living…

Everything and everyone of us is connected at a deeper level. Even science says we’re all made from the same matter. Now if we take a look at why we do what we do, perhaps we could solve half of what we call the world’s problems and issues.

Let’s take it from the beginning, of the day I mean, when we wake up. What is the first thought that comes to you mind? What sets your tone for the day ahead? Do you have positive intentions for the day?

When you’re busy at home, school or work, what intentions do you have for what you’re doing at that moment? What energy are you putting in? Are you doing whatever you’re doing with Love?

Love is a verb right? And verbs are doing words, action words.

Make love not war

Intentions are purposeful, intentional, it’s a premeditated thought. So when you serve your customer or client, is there a purpose behind that service? What’s the purpose? To give them what they came for with love? What thoughts go through your mind when your cooking for friends or family?

How about we align all energies, positively and put in good intentions and Love into what we do, into who we are. A smile can warm hearts and kind words live on forever.

How often have you gone back to a particular place because of the good service you received? The memories that stick with you and warm your heart, were they not of good intentions by you or your loved ones?

Be the change you want to see. Smile with love, work with love, love with love. Our intentions are set by us. Our goals and actions are predetermined by us. We always have a choice, no matter how difficult it may seem at that moment, but we can always choose love to guide us.

We may not always get it right, but we sure can always, always realign with the God-Purpose that is within us all.

My prayer to you, for us is that we live our lives with purpose, ambition, intent and aspiration.

Pray with intention

Love and Light always..

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