Mindful Monday: The calling…

We each have a calling

Each and everyone of us is called by the Universe to do something and be someone of service to humanity and the world. All of us are born with a knowing of what we could potentially BE.

As we grow older some of us lose sight and feel of what was once our greatest desire and destiny. Studying for a great paying job gets in the way. Marriage and starting a family are now a priority. Meeting deadlines and targets work keep you occupied.

Then you sit and reminisce about the good old days. Back when you were young and free-spirited. You dreamed and talked about being a painter, a dancer, a teacher of the arts. A programmer, writer, a healer of souls…

What happened? Did life just pass me by? In a way, yes. But because you still have that feeling, deep within that keeps on nagging and tugging at your heart, you still have time to pursue what were put here on Earth to BE.

Do not let yourself be stuck in a rut. Do not continue to do a disservice to your soul and the rest of humanity by diminishing your Light. Do not let life’s problems overcome your Being.

There’s so much more to you than being just a wife, a husband. There’s much more to you than being a typist or a mechanic.

We’re all born with a gift. You just need to realise what is for you…

How do you find that Gift? How do you know what your calling is to this world? Where do you begin to look and discover your God-given purpose?


We can only find our true purpose within ourselves, not somewhere out there.

Start by Being Still. Many religions believe and subscribe to quieting the mind for things to become clearer for you. This could be done as prayer or meditation. Listening to the stillness within.

Find that thing, that you’ve always thought about, dreamt about, talked about endlessly when you were younger and freer. Start there and see where it will lead you.

Just because it’s your passion doesn’t mean it has to make you a lot of money. Your true, God-inspired purpose will give you joy. It will keep you fulfilled.

Our calling is to be the best version of ourselves we can possibly be .

That’s all we could be really. You don’t have to do something to be great. Be the best you, and in doing so, you free yourself from all that’s holding you back. Your life radiates with love, light and pure joy.

My prayer for you is to remember that we’re all born with greatness within. Don’t let the world diminish your light. Your being here, now. Being present in this moment and giving this moment your all, is what you’re called unto.

Love and Light

©️Mafuya 2018

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