A page from my diary: And the journey continues

It’s funny how we (well I) go through life unaware of all the signs that one gets from beyond and all around. Is that what ignorance is? I mean…,Dear God have I been blind?!

When I sit and recall the moments I remember when clear signs and warnings were sent my way, I simply brushed them off as another annoying occurrence or traumatic event. Even though… deep down in my gut, something else was telling me to take notice, I continued on my (blinded) way.

And where does that lead to? Pain and confusion. Loss of direction and ultimately, loss of oneself…

I don’t know how many times I cried out to God “why me? Why is this all happening to me?” Not realizing that They were calling out for my attention but I just ignored them and took whatever was happening as bad luck or an unfortunate incident.

But that was not the case…

A couple days ago I was sent a video clip(it’s actually an old one) of a pilot who didn’t ignore the soft voice within and that not only saved him but his passengers as well, from the earthquake that caused the Tsunami.

This reminded me and took me back to my earliest memories (I was three about to turn four) of my childhood days when The Call began. Of course this all started way before I would be born but this is my earliest memory of having an encounter with those from beyond.

I asked my mom about it the other day and she said that my persistence at that age told them that something was different about me.

Being someone who is open to spiritual energy is nothing special. I believe that we all have the capability to connect with our spiritual guides or angels if you prefer. It all depends on how open (aware) you are in order to receive their messages.

As much as I actively started upon this path a few years ago, I realized that it’s taken me this long, as firstly, I didn’t really believe all this was happening to me and secondly, being raised as a Christian, raised a lot of doubt in what I was experiencing.

Thoughts such as “is what I’m seeing real?” “Is this really happening to me or am I imagining it?” “What are people going to say? Especially my mom?” “Why me?” Am I capable of carrying this gift? And and and…

I went through a few traditional healers trying to find help with my ‘troubles’. It was only much later (and less money), that I discovered the genuine reason for my suffering at that point in time. All along I was being given medicine (muthi) to treat bad luck, kanti…(but) all that was not necessary, had I listened to the voice within..

Well, in a way I was sick. Spiritually sick. I was starved spiritually. Disconnected with my guides and God. I realise that now. That all the pain, struggles and strife. The anguish of losing a loved one were signs of Them calling me back home.

Our ancestors/angels/guides are the gateway between us and The Creator. Nature serves as a reminder of how beautiful life is and how we need to care and nurture it. Just like our lives. Even the bible quotes that “Man cannot live by bread alone, but by every word”. (Can’t believe I just quoted the bible).

I’m thankful of every single event and occurrence that has taken place in my life. It may not have been pleasant at the time, but I sure learned a whole lotta lessons from them.

I’m not here to tell you what to do or what or who to believe. What we need to be aware of is that there’s more to life than what we can see with our eyes. There’s so much more… and it’s not even ‘out there’, it’s within each and everyone of us.

My prayer for all of us is to recognise that God is within all of us and not in some clouds in the sky. We were all born with a soul and that soul comes from God. Hence another bible verse says something like we were made of His image or something like that.

Listen to the soft voice within, that’s the voice of God within each and everyone of us. That gut feeling you get sometimes.. some call it the Holy Spirit. That is the natural GPS we all have. Being mindful of our thoughts and everyday living will ensure that we don’t miss the signs sent to us.

Be strong and firm in your belief. Stay grounded and centred at all times. If you listen intuitively to your inner voice, no matter what life throws at you, you’ll always remain standing. (This is more for me).

{Trust the process and it will be revealed unto you}.

Stay Blessed

Love and Light always

image taken from africanspirituality.wordpress.com

Note: These are my personal experiences and by no means a reflection of what others go through.

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