Instant Gratification Syndrome

“How many likes did you get?”. How many positive comments on your page? How many views did you get? How many followers do you have?

Our lives nowadays are so fast paced in that we no longer have or make the time to make contact and see the person in front of you. Our moments are spent more on the devices in front of our faces than the people themselves we’re ‘chatting’ to online.

It’s become normal to catch-up on social media than in person as we have so little time in our lives (or so we tell ourselves). How much further are we to disassociate our selves from each other and everything else around us.

When we do “catch-up” on any form of social media, we feel a need to get an immediate response from that person. If it’s a group chat, there needs to be more than average people commenting on the topic at hand. A picture is posted and we check how many views and likes you got.

It’s a sickness and or disease. Because at some level in our psych, that’s exactly what it does, causes us dis-ease to the point that one then questions their worth as a person according to the number of likes not received in comparison to the number of followers one has.

We no longer value our own worth. It is now measurable by “claps” and ticks. Your own personal sense of worth in a task accomplished has diminished in the sense that seeking approval is valued now more than anything.

Have we lost ourselves in seeking instant gratification from the World Wide Web? Are the any realistic relationships left out there?

I deleted a few of my social media accounts firstly because I couldn’t handle the pressure I exerted on my myself by peer comparison and with seeking instant approval and receiving gratification from it. I can proudly and safely say that I’m not at stress or suffering from dis-ease in receiving or not receiving a certain amount of likes or claps or friends or comments which aren’t necessarily authentic but a pressure in themselves because how can you not like your friends’ post ?😉.

Getting to the top of your educational and career aspirations, your personal and intimate climaxes can only be reached through sheer hard work, driven by passion and fueled by a purpose to succeed.

The short-cuts of the world are just that, short-cuts. There’s no enjoyment in the journey as one is looking for instant gratification. As soon as you get what you think you want, you’re satisfied only but for a moment and start the chase yet again for something new (else).

Focus on the vision but look around you for the world is big and filled with small magical wonders that we pass as coincidences but are really signs and gifts from beyond.

May we all remember to breathe and relax… from time to time. Take it all in for and enjoy your journey to discovery. I pray that we don’t miss the blessings sent to us as we’re too preoccupied with getting what we want.

May we always listen with patience and kindness and know that our paths are just that our own individual paths.

Sending you all Love & Light.


8 thoughts on “Instant Gratification Syndrome

  1. For the world is big and filled with small magical wonders that we pass as coincidences……. You have been quoted lol… Nice. The www is here and its part of our lives, but does it have a control button over us?, like always wanting to log in, to have enough data, to have enough likes..? I think we should all have a pause button and “live” normally and not miss the magical wonders…

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