Instant Gratification Syndrome

“How many likes did you get?”. How many positive comments on your page? How many views did you get? How many followers do you have? Our lives nowadays are so fast paced in that we no longer have or make the time to make contact and see the person in front of you. Our moments… Continue reading Instant Gratification Syndrome

Mindful Monday: The calling…

We each have a calling Each and everyone of us is called by the Universe to do something and be someone of service to humanity and the world. All of us are born with a knowing of what we could potentially BE. As we grow older some of us lose sight and feel of what… Continue reading Mindful Monday: The calling…

Mindful Monday: The Invisible Divides Without

When I first came to Rustenburg to work as an Emergency Care Personnel, the only people I knew were the guys I was with and the one who called, to inform us of the job opportunity here. Now I knew little of this area. The picture I had painted in my mind was that of… Continue reading Mindful Monday: The Invisible Divides Without

Mindful Monday: My hike through Life

There’s a saying that goes “patience is a virtue”. Now virtue is defined as having high moral standards. Being honest and having nobility. So having patience would mean some form of moral excellence. My name Nomonde, directly translated from isiXhosa is Patience. I know I could improve immensely with being more patient with myself. I… Continue reading Mindful Monday: My hike through Life

Mindful Monday: Self-talk

This is a difficult topic for me as I’m almost always guilty of negative thoughts towards myself. Ever since childhood, I’ve been prone to self judgement and even went as far as self-hurting (physically), so I could do and say things the correct way next time. When you sit and think to yourself, what kind… Continue reading Mindful Monday: Self-talk

Not So Great Expectations

When you’re born, certain things are expected from you as you enter the world. Such as making people happy and bringing joy to their lives. Even to the point of saving a relationship to some. As you grow, society expects that you’ll do well in school ( if you go the traditional route), be a… Continue reading Not So Great Expectations

Sleep is not my friend 

Yes, yes, yes. They (the experts) say you need at least 6-8hours of sleep. But I’ve been surviving with about 5 every 24hours or so. I’m still sane (well…kinda). I just don’t fall asleep easily. And when I eventually do, staying asleep is a mission to me. First I gotta find the perfect position. Which… Continue reading Sleep is not my friend 

The Time on my hands

As an Emergency Medical Personnel , time is everything. From the moment an incident occurs to when they call for assistance. From when dispatch gives you the call to how you respond to the scene. A sense of urgency is needed. We record from when you arrive on scene to when you perform a certain… Continue reading The Time on my hands

This thing called Fear

Nothing paralyses the human soul/spirit as this thing called fear. Where does it come from? How does one recognize it? Most importantly, how does one overcome it? This is not specific to certain people or certain careers. I think we’ve all experienced some level of it at some point in our lives. Sometimes even more… Continue reading This thing called Fear

A Family Torn Apart, Will Always Be Together 

So I got back from home (White City) earlier and I’m exhausted. The hot, dry weather isn’t helping either. Fighting my eyes as I’m typing this cause they wanna close on their own, without permission! How rude! Anyway, so the situation back home isn’t one of the best. Lost my aunt last week Wednesday… so… Continue reading A Family Torn Apart, Will Always Be Together