My Hearts Song For Daily Living

May you keep yourself grounded By Honouring the earth that you walk upon Remember the ones who have passed By feeling them beneath your feet. May you lift your head up And remember the heavens above The light that shines upon you Can only come from the Lord of Lords. May you look at your… Continue reading My Hearts Song For Daily Living

Instant Gratification Syndrome

“How many likes did you get?”. How many positive comments on your page? How many views did you get? How many followers do you have? Our lives nowadays are so fast paced in that we no longer have or make the time to make contact and see the person in front of you. Our moments… Continue reading Instant Gratification Syndrome

A page from my diary: And the journey continues

It’s funny how we (well I) go through life unaware of all the signs that one gets from beyond and all around. Is that what ignorance is? I mean…,Dear God have I been blind?! When I sit and recall the moments I remember when clear signs and warnings were sent my way, I simply brushed… Continue reading A page from my diary: And the journey continues